The 2023 US International Solar and Energy Storage Exhibition RE+ came to a perf


Autumn September, build a dream set sail, September 12-14, the three-day 2023 American International Solar Energy and Energy Storage Exhibition RE+ in Las Vegas Sands Convention and Exhibition Center successfully ended! Although the exhibition has come to an end, the wonderful never stops. Looking back on this exhibition, infinite wonderful worth aftertaste.


Shandong Tianhan New Energy Technology Co., LTD., as an exhibitor, shone brightly at this exhibition, attracting visitors at home and abroad to come to communicate and exchange, and the atmosphere at the exhibition site was very warm. The on-site staff introduced the company's lithium battery customization program and related products to the visitors from a full range of angles. Over the years, Tianhan has deeply ploughed the field of lithium battery energy storage industry, adhered to scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, consolidated the foundation with strength, followed the footsteps of the country to vigorously implement the "double carbon" strategy, and focused on providing customers around the world with a full range of high-quality energy storage system solutions.

During the exhibition, Tianhan booth flowing water, crowded. The simple and atmospheric booth and the video display reflecting the strength of the company attracted many industry people, customers, domestic and foreign experts to stop to exchange and visit the consultation. The atmosphere at the scene is buzzing and lively. Our business team, with rich industry experience and professional knowledge, has conducted in-depth exchanges with visiting customers and won unanimous praise from visiting personnel. Let's take a look back at the highlights of the exhibition.

The exhibition ended successfully, Tianhan New energy's innovation and pursuit of quality go forward. Every appearance is a long time after the momentum of the explosion. In the future, we will continue to focus on the research and development of efficient and innovative energy storage system solutions, Tianhan New Energy aims to build a first-class lithium battery enterprise in China, with focus and professional spirit, to build a first-class lithium battery enterprise as the goal, with science and technology to start low-carbon, green life, create a new generation of environmental protection energy, looking forward to win-win cooperation with you.








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