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The world's leading lithium battery customization solutions and products are interiable quality and services worldwide.

Shandong Tian Han New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of Lithium battery, power lithium battery and battery pack, BMS(Battery management system), products are widely used in intelligent manufacturing, new energy electric vehicles, Starting-up batteries, communication station battery ,e-bike, solar-wind energy storage and household energy storage solutions.

We take cooperation philosophy of Honesty, Realistic, Innovation and Efficient, by strengthening enterprise innovation management, Constantly improve the level of research, development and production, adopting advanced timeliness technology, assuring superior product quality, to take the industrial leading position.

Equipped with advanced manufacturing line, accurate measuring instrument, full PC monitoring aging machine, and strictly following the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, we provide customers the best quality lithium serial products, with dedicated spirit and professional acknowledge , Tian Han focus on building world first class Lithium battery factory,and starting low carbon and green life with new technology, creating new generation clean energy.

Tian Han constantly strikes for innovation and progress, and always adhering on the company spirit of “United, sincere service, pioneering innovation, and fiercely competitive. Satisfied ever-changing customers’ demanding by technology and management innovation, making high quality green energy products. By improving products quality and service, working with international leading companies, Our aim is to build a domestic first class and even world first class battery manufacturing base.

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    Using technology to start low-carbon and green life, and create a new generation of green energy.

    With dedicated and professional spirit, we strive to build a first-class lithium battery enterprise in China.

    The company is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, accurate testing instruments, computer-based intelligent aging monitoring equipment, etc., and operates in strict accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system to ensure that customers provide high-quality lithium battery series products.

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    In practice, the company continuously develops and innovates, strives to make progress, always adhering to the enterprise spirit of "unity and enterprising, honest service, pioneering and innovating, daring to compete", to meet the changing customer needs, through technological innovation and management innovation, to provide customers with first-class quality green energy products. Through continuously improving product quality and service quality, strengthening cooperation with international advanced enterprises, the goal is to build a first-class domestic and even world-class battery production base.








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