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Recall yesterday, now the dynasty. The three-day exhibition came to an end today. Shandong Tianhan New Energy Technology Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Tianqu Group, has made a strong impression. Below, please enjoy the wonderful moments of the exhibition.


The Tianhan New energy around the "new energy lithium-ion battery" product exhibition, during the exhibition, Shandong Tianhan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. sales consultants and technical backbone enthusiastic, full of spirit, actively receive each visiting customers, introduce star products for customers in detail, and provide them with the corresponding solutions, and strive to provide customers with the best quality service. Through this platform display and technical exchange, the exhibitors of Shandong Tianhan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. fully tap potential customer resources, and also have a comprehensive understanding of the development trend and technological innovation points of the entire new energy industry. Customers' questions and ideas have also greatly inspired Tianhan Lithium's firm confidence in the future development, helping Tianhan move quickly towards a new journey to realize the new "lithium" want and a new chapter of Yong spectrum.

To new products as media, to new technology as media, to new power as media. Tianhan focuses on the goal of "double carbon", adhering to the product values of "precision and efficiency, excellence", and is committed to becoming the leader of green production and intelligent manufacturing solutions in global factories.

With the help of this big stage, Shandong Tianhan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. under Tianqu Group introduced the latest products and technologies to customers, further expanded the company's influence and visibility in the field of new energy storage, and made positive contributions to the development of high-end product manufacturing industry. In the future, Tianhan Company will continue to be committed to the development of new energy, adhere to the innovation-driven development of new advantages, continue to introduce better products, with practical actions to help the "double carbon" goal, and make new contributions to the development of China's battery industry.

This is the end of the exhibition, thank you very much for the support of our customers, I believe you must be worth the trip. In the past, we have attracted a lot of trust and support; In the future, we dare to take on greater responsibilities and challenges! I look forward to meeting you next time.








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