Shenzhen CIBF2023 -- Tianhan New energy enables "lithium" to attack "full power"


With the rapid growth of energy demand in the future, battery technology has received extensive attention and research.


On May 18, the three-day 15th China International Battery Technology Exchange Exhibition (CIBF2023) came to a successful end at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Well-known companies, industry experts and representatives of relevant institutions from all over the world gathered to discuss and share new developments and new opportunities in battery technology.

Shandong Tianhan New Energy Technology Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Tianqu Group, presented the battery industry event with its core products. During the exhibition, the product display, program sharing and interactive activities of Tianhan booth attracted many domestic and foreign customers and industry colleagues to stop to visit, consult and negotiate cooperation, and feel the product and R & D strength of Tianhan at zero distance.

Every customer who came to the booth, our staff have been seriously received, detailed explanation, bustling booth flow is the customer's recognition of Tianhan new energy, enhance the confidence of new and old customers to cooperate with us. At the same time, this also encourages Tianhan New Energy to continuously improve the quality of service in the future and better meet customer needs.

With the growing demand for sustainable energy in modern society, new energy lithium battery, as a high energy density and environmental protection energy storage solution, has been widely used in new energy vehicles, renewable energy storage and other fields, coupled with the carbon peak, carbon neutral goal has become a national strategic goal to promote the high-quality development of new energy. It has become one of the important paths to help China achieve the goal of "double carbon". Taking this opportunity, Tianhan New Energy has fully demonstrated its research and development strength, innovative technology accumulation and leading advantages of resources, and will create higher quality, better performance and higher safety lithium battery product solutions. Driven by scientific and technological innovation, we will continue to empower a new ecology of sustainable development, create new heights of the new energy industry, and use this exhibition to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with new and old friends at home and abroad, deepen the new energy industry chain, promote the development and upgrading of industrial technology in an all-round way, and become an important force in the process of realizing the goal of double carbon in China, and resonate with the world. Contribute to the sustainable development of mankind. Non-stop, innovation is more than just visible, All the gains are rich an exhibition, an exhibition, an exhibition, an exhibition, an exhibition, a witness, an exhibition, a step three days of the exhibition ended successfully, all the encounters are full of surprises, thank you for walking with you, although the exhibition has come to an end, but Tianhan new energy source's pursuit of lithium battery innovation will never end, the real wonderful is still continuing, we will break through and forge ahead with better quality products More perfect service to thank customers for their support and trust looking forward to your next encounter.









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